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Thank you for your services to me and my wife. I cannot honestly say that you have achieved what we’ve wanted because the fact is that if I pay the Landlord the back rent up to today, my wife and kids will be able to stay. WITH or WITHOUT you that would have been the result. Because the fact is that when I called my land lord that I had the money she went to her attorney and got the deal done for me. NOT YOU. On the other hand, if I did not produce the money by Wednesday 5pm to the land lord the court would have proceeded with the eviction. I understand that some things are not going to go our way, and I acknowledge that you told me that there is NO GUARANTEE that the court will give us time. Therefore, either way I am in a same situation as I was without representation.

You have told me Monday night that you would call me in an hour. YOU DID NOT. Tuesday morning you said that you were in court getting all your cases together, and that you were standing in front of a judge. Later you contradicted yourself telling me that you were not there because you were doing business with Mindy (Ezratty firm) over the phone from your car or downstairs. That is all fine and good. I cannot and will not tell you how to do your business, all I asked is that you’d tell me the truth.

At this time I have to inform you that we have parted our ways because you were rude and demeaning towards me and my character. "I’M NOT FEELING THE WARM and FUZZY" are your words that you told me, so I will use them to describe my feeling about you from the time you took our payment. You are a prime example of a SHARK lawyer and because of lawyers like you all the lawyers have a bad reputation. I am sure that there are good ones out there, I.E. Mindy from the Ezratty Firm, she was not even representing us…….but she was WAY more helpful to us than you were. And SHE WAS NOT LATE TO COURT or made the court and her client look for her and wait for her. Additional $750 is very valuable to me, and I understand that your time is valuable as well. I feel that you have done what was expected for the initial $750, but it is not wise to spend additional $750 to produce the same result as I would without representation.

I am not a lawyer, I may not have a fancy talk, but I am a human being and I have feelings. Not everything in this world is about money. Money is the root of all evil. People who have it on earth may not have it all in the heaven above……I’d rather have it in heaven than here on earth. You have NO FEELINGS at all. I regret ever hiring you, and I’ll make every effort to NOT recommend you to anyone and tell everyone to stay away from YOU.

PS: below is an email I’ve sent to Mindy with Ezratty to thank her for her help.

Ms. Mindy, (I apologize I do not know your last name),

However, I would like to thank you for being so UNDERSTANDING to us (me and my wife), and being thoughtful while producing mutually beneficial results for your client as well as for me and my family. Although you were NOT my attorney I feel great amount of gratitude to you because you were kind, took the time to talk to me and my wife, explaining to us details and fact without degrading us or looking down on us due to our unfortunate situation and circumstances that led us to this point. Your quick action and ability to generate an agreement yesterday on such short notice is very well appreciated, it singles handedly saved us from eviction. (and of course the $15,000) I’ve paid to the Land Lord didn’t hurt either. However, what ever………..I appreciate your HUMAN FEELINGS and value your ethics. You are a great person and an AWESOME ATTORNEY.

Please accept my sincere thank you as well as thank you from my wife and behalf of my children.

PS: Mr. Mitchel Hirsch mentioned to me that he was a personal friends with your FIRM (not sure who), however, below is an email that I am emailing to him and I wanted you to see it. No specific reason why…..just purely venting to someone that I feel should know how a BAD attorney effects the reputations of other attorneys. (I am so glad that you are not one of those bad ones). And please if you want you are more than welcome to forward this entire email to him as well (including the email portion intended for you).

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